New look, same content

~A quick look at my life~
"Taking life frame by frame"

Several years ago, during one of my college classes, I was given the opportunity to create a class video. Completely off curriculum the video would eventually spark my interest in filming and directing. After a few days of shooting and editing my first short skit was completed and I couldn't have been more proud. I started my journey to become a cinematographer. Most of my inspiration came from YouTube, the platform I'm currently creating for, and the sensation I feel when I'm on location. Several years deep into filming and connecting with the cosplay community I'm about ready to expand my reach, improve my equipment and hopefully dive into more cinematic content. In the meantime I'll be taking life frame by frame.

  • This is what I'm most known for, besides the hair. I started filming cosplayers back in 2015 at MetroCon in Tampa.

  • You'll find unboxing videos, pack openings among a few other things scattered throughout since Pokemon has a heavy influence in my life.

  • No matter what it is I'm always down to film and always thinking of ideas for new content.